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Aug 23, 2017

We started at Ten10 Brewing with our friend Samantha, from Samantics, and then we finished at Beer Rev because the audio quality while and after being on a beer tour is just not up to those Fisher standards.  On this episode, we discuss

- T-Rock is the man

- Samantha's new tattoo

- Pierogies and Puff Daddy/Diddy

- Alex is Fisher's Angus

- Walking around the table

- Is Five Guys fast food?

- Moviepass

- Alex slacking on his cool band segment

- Making whoopee at a relative's house

- Fancy steakhouses

- It's the little things

- The Defenders on Netflix

- #YouAreBYOCB

- #YouAreNotBYOCB

- Punk Rock Fisher


Big thanks to our BYOCB sponsors - Main Street Art Corner & Lauren Tewson Photography.

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