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Jun 12, 2017

BYOCB turns two years old and we celebrated at Red Dog Pub & Grill before we moved to Sloppy Taco Palace to close the night watching our buddies in Melodic Dissent.  We started off at the Embassy Suites overlooking Red Dog and then enjoyed a fantastic two year celebration before the second half of the show, which included Samantha from Samantics and Trey from the Swervey Jones Show. On this show we discuss

- Montreal Bachelorette party

- Beer recommendation for summer

- Darryl Hall & John Oates/Tears for Fears concert

- Taylor Swift/Katy Perry feud

- Avril Lavigne

- Not washing your hands

- Recapping the two year celebration

- Spanking the intern

- Karaoke crazmo

- Poor customer service

- Alex hates MLS officiating

- ONRS Presents "The Perfect Game"

- Race to New York 2017. A-Lana Paloosa

Thank you to Lauren Tewson for being our photographer for our Two-Year Celebration.  Book her for your events HERE.

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