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Jun 2, 2017

BYOCB is back at Sloppy Taco Palace and we are very happy to have our friend Mr. Tervis, who now owns our show back on microphone, plus a very special guest and Alex's family, Mr. Ernest Hemingay joins us for the first time on the show.  On this show we discuss

- Mr. Tervis now owns BYOCB

- Fisher and Ernest Hemingay experience Alex at separate Orlando City matches

- Going to Boathouse at Disney Springs

- Soft shell crab

- A server making or breaking your dining experience

- Tipping for exceptional service

- Fisher ran into Jeff Howell outside of House of Blues

- Avett Brothers House of Blues show and general admission

- Voicemails

- Belgium Burger King

- Fisher got drunk and ticked off Steezy

- Ernest Hemingay is obsessed with our friend Corndog

- Weed cookies for dogs

- Oreo cereal

- Zima is coming back

- Fisher's latest vinyl haul

- BYOCB Two-Year Anniversary Party

- ONRS Presents "The Perfect Game"

- Race to New York 2017. A-Lana Paloosa

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