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May 17, 2017

BYOCB is back at Sloppy Taco Palace as we gathered again for some white boy reggae as the official Melodic Dissent groupies.  On this show we were joined by Samantha of the Samantics podcast and Alex's buddy, Vegeta.  We had a lot of fun on this episode and introduced a brand new BYOCB game.  On this show we discuss

- The origin of Alex's friend's name

- Has Fisher loosened his stance on Oreo?

- Kings of Leon bassist pisses off an entire base of passionate wrasslin' fans

- Alex bashes wrestling fans

- Pigeon poop

- Ryan Seacrest and his net worth

- Voicemails

- Tiger Beat magazine

- Don't talk politics around Fisher

- BYOCB same song title game

- Upcoming events

- BYOCB Two-Year Anniversary Party

- ONRS Presents "The Perfect Game"

- Race to New York 2017. A-Lana Paloosa

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