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May 3, 2017

We were live in a fire pit at Vanbarry's Public House in Orlando hanging out with a bunch of friends and drinking some delicious Central 28 beer.  Big thanks to Trey from the Swervey Jones Show for hanging out with us.  On this show, we discuss

- White boy reggae

- Alex's Disney cruise experience

- Shunned by swingers

- The Subway streak

- Online easy ordering

- Olive garden alfredo

- Perrier in my mouth that I must swallow

- Jedi jackoff mind trick

- Pause for the old couple makeup session

- A cheeto hand slap to the face

- What would you do with a lightsaber?

Check out our April sponsor, Central 28 Brewing Company in Debary, Florida.  We love hanging out there to throw cornhole and drink their delicious craft beer.  Find Central 28 beers in your local craft beer establishments.  When you go, tell them you heard about their beer from BYOCB. #craftbeer

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