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Apr 11, 2017

We are back recording at Beer Revolution drinking delicious Central 28 Brewing Company Show Pigeon IPA...that is until we blew the keg, cause that happened!  We had a fun show with our buddy Vegeta and the intern.  Since our intern complained that he wanted more mic time, we let him try some news.  On this show, we discuss

- Central 28 craft beer and cornhole event with Chris

- When flies poop

- Sugar Ray, Smashmouth, and Zooey the Antichrist

- Disney cruises

- Wrestlemania experiences

- Fisher and Wale the rapper

- Steel chairs n' da hood

- Voicemails

- Happy 100th Episode Steezy's Trap House

- Intern does the news

- Disney fireworks chokeout

- Adam the Woo gets banned

- Online trolls and bullying

Check out our April sponsor, Central 28 Brewing Company in Debary, Florida.  We love hanging out there to throw cornhole and drink their delicious craft beer.  Find Central 28 beers in your local craft beer establishments.  When you go, tell them you heard about their beer from BYOCB. #craftbeer

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