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Sep 25, 2016

From the BRAND NEW Grove Roots Brewing Company in Winter Haven, we debut our brand new BYOCB Boof theme song (3 foot boof radius mix).  On this episode, we discuss

- All about the fantastic new brewery - Grove Roots

- October is crazy for BYOCB and we have a ton of events upcoming

- Prophets of Rage tailgate

- We Drink. We Scare. We Drink event at A Petrified Forest

- Upcoming BYOCB Brewlywed Game

- Chris has become Mr. Mom and needs to clean up his life a bit

- Alex and his grey box

- Peeing in boxers versus boxer briefs

- Is this whole Corey Feldman thing a bit?

- Voicemails

Big thanks to AJ for hooking us up with our brand new theme song.  You can check out his music HERE.

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