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Sep 9, 2016

So much to discuss on show 50, but most of it includes Alex's wife yelling at the Denver Broncos.  As we celebrate show 50, Alex has just another giant BREAKING NEWS milestone that he reveals.  On this episode, we also discuss

- Big thanks to Drinking at Disney interview for making our numbers explode

- Bacos on your salad

- Alex's giant monumental life-changing announcement

- Introducing Vinnie Two Tones

- The day the Hoopty died

- Booking Enya for a BYOCB meetup

- Goodbye, my lover

- Nirvana remakes and really bad Steven Tyler country songs

- True Detective

- The merch decisions, the debut of the Fast Food Jesus shirt, and the legal issues

- Revisiting the My Pleasure game

- Arby's fires shots at another fast food chain

- New tracks from Calhoun

- Public restroom pee freeze/apprehension

- Our Main Street Electrical Parade Goodbye Meetup

- Plans for our meetups

- Halloween Horror Nights meetup

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