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Jul 19, 2016

From Red Cypress Brewery in Orlando, our friends Paul AKA Smooth Nipples and Samantha sat in as our special guests to fill the Alex chair.  We had a great time hanging out drinking Red Cypress craft beer while our good friend DJ Di spun some lip syncing tunes.  We had a great time on this drunken episode, we are tangent crazy and discuss

- Nick Lachey radio alerts

- Ashlee Simpson's reality show

- Axl Rose is a boofer

- Smooth Nipples music and a major music tangent

- Alex is a ghost at the Brand New show

- Pokemon Go versus Shopkick

- Facebook group messages/texts

- DNA Testing

- Chris and Samantha bought the same Spice Girls t-shirt

- British accents

- The "real life" of podcasts

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