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May 31, 2016


What happens when two podcasters jump into a car and hit record?  Find out what happens next on BYOCB Show 38.  Alex isn't a narcissist as he helps Fisher move furniture in this action packed episode as we travel down I-4 and discuss all the latest happenings in our life and how you can prove if you're more narcissistic than Fisher.  On this episode, you'll hear


- Wearing merchandise from two sports franchises at the same time

- Orlando Rage

- PBR and John Cena

- A beer for every occasion

- Proper thank you to Swervey and Trey

- Alex has to drive Fisher's drunk ass home

- "Real life" is destroying our lives

- Details for our One-Year Not so Sober Anniversary Party at Rogue Pub on June 11

- Our first ever BYOCB Happy Hour and an NXT event

- Fisher loves the business of professional wrestling

- Fisher wants to be a "boatmun"

- Are you more narcissistic than Fisher?

- Alex tells a story where he lost his temper in a big way

- Vote for us for best podcast in Orlando Weekly

Music featured on this show includes Fisher singing Hozier.

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