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May 17, 2016

Forgive us for our first commercial, but we're trying to be big time now.  We're back at Lakeland's Beer Revolution to talk about all of the crazy things happening in our lives.  On this episode, you'll hear

- Fake Tom DeLonge doesn't pay his bar tabs

- Additional Felatio

- Alex has more big news

- Boy band concert in Tampa

- Fisher and Nick Lachey will be best friends

- Orlando music scene

- Vote for us for best podcast in Orlando Weekly

- Fisher shut down his more popular podcast

- Warren Sapp's dick

- Everybody has a birthday in May

- Jeff Foxworthy versus Bill Engvall

- Alex really made an effort to make to Fisher's birthday

- Fisher is going to become a truckmun

- Best Uber driver ever

- Fisher's 40th karaoke birthday party

- Thou shalt drop DJ Di's microphone

- Third Eye Blind/Vanessa Carlton

- Alex's Italian Viking Bartender

- Twisted Sister Documentary

- Love for the Podcast Mafia

Music featured on this show includes Nothing at All by O-Town, We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister, I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister, and some Journey song that I can't remember right now.  Sorry to the Viking Bartender.

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