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May 10, 2016

Chris and Alex are back in the USA (Chris never left) and they sit down at Lakeland's Beer Revolution to recap everything that has been going on in the last month...actually just half of it as you'll hear the rest on the next show. We still pushed out a long episode for you. On this episode we discuss

- Our official One-Year Anniversary Party at Rogue Pub in Orlando

- Our BYOCB Creampie Ale

- Alex's big announcement

- Licking Elsa's vajayjay

- A podcast war?

- Alex's bachelor party

- Mons Venus blowjob

- Uber Pimp

- Chris goes punk

- Alex got married and cried and all the celebs showed up

- Chris sings at the wedding

It's late. I'll add more later.  Thanks for the love!

Music featured on this show includes Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.

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