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Mar 29, 2016

Show 33 gets back to basics as Chris and Alex sit down at Lakeland's Beer Revolution drinking delicious craft beer.  Because of our schedules, we did an improvised show without our usual guests and friends, but the bourbon barrel beer we sampled before hitting record made things interesting. On this show, we discuss

- Chris and Alex are getting worked to death

- Our BYOCB Facebook group is Oreo crazy

- Alex's car broke down again and he cancelled a previous recording

- Fuck Orlando traffic

- Who eats a lemon cookie?

- Everything makes Chris cry

- Red pants

- Alex thinks there is something wrong with Disney Dapper Days but he never answers his phone

- Trivia competitions at bars

- RIP Phife Dawg

- Chris has his ear re-constructed and now it grows beard hair

- Stephanie Tanner is Dancing with the Stars

- People killing themselves at the "happiest place on Earth"

- Going to beerfests by yourself

Music featured on this show includes Butter by A Tribe Called Quest.

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