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Mar 9, 2016

After a tour of some other wonderful places, we're back home at Lakeland's Beer Revolution drinking delicious craft beer and hanging out with some friends for show 31.  Thanks to everyone who came and hang out while we delivered virtual handjibbers.  On this show, we discuss

- Same sex skills

- Guess who's celebrity bodypart

- Hope Solo vagina memory game

- BYOCB's Orlando City beer

- Orlando City Tailgate and selling t-shirts

- Bad a t-shirt inventory

- Japanese ketchup

- Big announcement regarding Alex's wedding

- Soccer players and their perfect hair

- Slim Jim ruins careers

- Footjobs

- Hulk Hogan has a huge penis, but Terry Bollea does not...allegedly

- Fuller House brings the nostalgia

- House of Cards and rooting for the villain

Music featured on this show includes Real American by Rick Derringer.

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