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Feb 22, 2016

From Rogue Pub in Orlando (@RoguePub), it was definitely our loudest show ever, and the IPAs were flowing (except for Travis & Samantha).  Big thanks to our friends Travis and Samantha for joining, plus our friend Daniel from A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan sat in.

 On this show, we discussed

- Chris and Samantha are competing in a "No Soda" challenge

- Coke Freestyle machines & the deliciousness that is Pepsi Max

- Revisiting the pretzel bun vomit story

- Alex's nude Facetime call

- Alex is trying to drop weight for his wedding

- The married folks weigh in on Alex's marriage plans

- Oreos and the too many varieties of everything in our lives

- Candy bar discussions from bed

- Paradox of Choice

- Lots and lots of paralysis

- Racist waiters who serve you queso

- Ways to tie your bandana

Music featured on this show includes The Flavor of the Month by Black Sheep.

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