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Feb 12, 2016

From Lakeland's Beer Revolution (@lakelandbeerrev), we made a pretty major show announcement, which includes coming to the end of the road as one of us spilled apple juice in the hall.  Big thanks to Zack and Leeann for hanging out with us.  Each of us give our list of five 90s songs that defined the era for us individually.  On this show, we discussed

- Our big show announcement

- Upcoming gigs at Rogue Pub on 2/20 and a TBD brewery coming in March 

- Merchandise, website, and more will be coming for BYOCB in 2016

- BYOCB coupon code at to save you 15% on your order

- Adam goes to the fair

- Why Canadian pigs > American pigs

- Lighting a carnival worker on fire

- Alex and his fiancee's Super Bowl Flea Market cereal celebration

- Were Boyz II Men always whining?

- Royal Caribbean cruise was rocked like a hurricane

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