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Feb 5, 2016

From Lakeland's Beer Revolution (@lakelandbeerrev), we recap our first ever BYOCB Meetup at Big Daddy's that was a HUGE success.  Thanks to everyone who came out just to have a great time and support the show.  Make sure to support our new sponsor Alhena Apparel.  We took some calls.  Sometimes it work and other times it was a mess.  On this show, we discussed

- Must see TV

- EPCOT BYOCB meetup start

- Karaoke at Big Daddy's and major props to DJ Di

- Valentine's Day and if you should buy gifts for your significant other

- Poo pooing your pants at Publix gives you authority to steal

- Woman in Miami pulls over a cop

- Catfish in mailboxes

- Have it your way with buttered burgers

- Wendy got feisty with the king

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