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Jan 29, 2016

From Lakeland's Beer Revolution (@lakelandbeerrev), we welcome our friends Zack and Leeann from No Guarantees (, and our buddy Brian from Alhena Apparel joined us. Bring your own no guarantees. On this show, we discussed

- After 27 shows, Chris still can't get Alex and Adam's name right

- Preview of our Big Daddy's karaoke meetup on 1/30

- Sanford runs out of beer

- Snoop Dogg was our waiter and served us "Moledo" and pineapple quesadillas

- Margaritas should always be "classic"

- Alex is an asshole and stranded Chris is Sanford

- Steven Tyler has ventured into country music and it's awful

- Getting stuck on roller coasters

- Emo Goth Brooks

- Shania Twain's big pimple

- Poo poo smells like oregano

- Girl scout cookie beer pairings

- Virtual reality porn

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