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Oct 26, 2015

In an attempt to prove our beer snobbery, we took part in a cheap beer challenge to see if we could rank and decipher the big boy beer company's top sellers.  I can still taste the awfulness in my mouth.  We had to escape the bad beer and go back to a great option from Lakeland's Beer Revolution (@LakelandBeerRev).  Later in the show, it's time On this episode, we discuss

- Star Wars nerds have taken over the Facebook group

- Swervey Jones Show and the appreciation for his shoutouts

- Why we reset the show at 16

- Tom DeLonge 10 hour challenge

- Adam has to see the new Star Wars movie on the night it opens

- Alex continues to go hard

- Ranking cheaper beer in order of their less awfulness

- No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom anniversary

- Guitar riff/opening intro challenge

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