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Oct 19, 2015

BYOCB Show 16 - If it's your first time listening, or if you want to tell your friends about the show, this episode is the one to recommend. #interactivecontent  It was our first time at Craft Beer Cellar (@cbc_brandon) in Brandon, Florida.  On this show we discuss

- Six/seven degrees of separation of Kevin Bacon

- Turkey loaf farts and Chris' problem

- Alex is so excited for the last Orlando City soccer match

- Only females and Adam use Pinterest

- Red Lobster cheddar biscuits

- Memorable commercials and how they shaped pop culture

- Star Wars/Superman theme song challenge

- The Walking Dead is back and is awesome

- The Walking Dead/Game of Thrones theory

- Binge watching/consumption of media and TV

- Netflix/Pandora and chill

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