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Jan 17, 2019

SHOW NOTES SUCK. Literally, the only part of this show I hate doing.... why don’t we make The Intern do this? Come to think of it where the hell has that dude been.... JUST KIDDING! He is ON THIS SHOW! The Intern and myself hang out old skool style at Casa De FFJ. We drink a bit. Laugh a bit, and Drink a bit. Lots of fun stuff on this show.  On this show, we discuss

- Teacher jokes

- We hate and love therapy

- Alex is a Psych book

- Wife stew

- Why are there cheerleaders?

- The spirit of Kevin Williams

- The pee bush

- Drunk hotel karaoke

- Real karaoke at our event

- Dooky foot

- Alex's only blackout

- Joe Cool the Vampire

- Dick pneumonia

- What's up with our Facebook group?

- Favorite wrestlers

- Government shutdown party rama

- Dog birthdays

- Grandman Bubushka will outlive us all

That's it.  Talk to us about it in the Facebook group.  Love you all.


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