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Oct 22, 2018

What a great day we had at Beer Rev with Fisher, Alex, The Intern, and our good buddy Handsome Metal Mike, along with his wife, Lara Croft.  We have a major announcement to make as BYOCB is officially enforcing a no more Maloney Bologna on the BYOCB Facebook group.  While we love all of our listeners, it's time to move away from the Malone.  On this episode,  we discuss

- Nair in the butthole

- Working on your feet

- Fisher nears a breakdown

- Getting telemarketers off the phone

- Tattoos as work of arts or cum targets?

- Brock Lesnar's penis sword

- Not Post Malone chimes in

- Do you even bocce, bro?

- Sing songy songs

- Supporting an artist who does unethical things


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