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Oct 4, 2018

WHAT IT IS AND WHAT IT DO MY NON GENDER BINARY MULTI RACIAL BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS. It’s Alex. Man oh man, I wanna get better at this stuff but this show was a mess to pull off. After losing the SD Card and forgetting batteries, sitting in sauce soaked pants , The Intern, Vegeta, and I sat down at our home away from home and had some fun. This is our last show before the HHN meet up and we couldn’t resist heading up a few days early to check it out for you. Fisher was being a kick ass dad but he will be back for our next show we record on Friday. On this show we discuss:

On this episode we discuss

- Intern is LIT

- Alex sans Citalopram is a mess

- Weekend round up

- Talking Heads/David Byrne

- Old people at shows

- More than just the hits

- Poly Pocket and Mighty Max

- The toys that made us a man or woman

- Don't at me bro

- Vegeta learns he isn't young anymore

- Vegeta parties with Gamora and blacks out at another wedding

- Other countries do weddings better

- Vegeta's wedding almost killed all of Alex's friends

- Intern is addicted to HHN

- Fighting at football games

- Post Malone commercial interrupts the Intern

- No easy night for The Intern

- Furious Holes

- Football Futbol and the culture thereof

Love you friends.  See you soon.

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