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Jul 26, 2018

On this very special episode of BYOCB, the band is on tour again, and once again the Moreheads invade Asheville, North Carolina! The last time that Alex and T-Rock awent on trip to Philly, they
brought you along for Cheesesteaks and Mistakes. This time the car smells like GWAR! On this show, we discuss

- The Drive Up to Asheville
- Savannah Stop
- Eat where the uniforms are
- Black Ass in a McDonald’s bathroom
- Out the car and onto the mountain
- Dupont Falls
- Cat tries to kill my parents
- Oskar Blues
- Builtmore Estates and Chihuly Glass
- Mom and Cat learn to Blow
- Artz and Beers
- Malt Disney
- Social aid and Pleasure Club

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