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Jul 18, 2018

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, INTERN!  A big thank you to the Downtown Orlando World of Beer for hosting us as we recorded before the Intern's Big Birthday weekend culminating in an Orlando City Cheesesteak tailgate.  On this show, we were joined by our friends Cabana Man Freddy AKA "Freaky" Freddy AKA Hipster Beard and our buddy Joe Cool.  We tangent crazy on this one, but it's a fun one.  On this episode, we discuss

- Intern's birthday

- Homeless and jobless

- Fisher falls off a mountain

- Intern heads to Comic Con

- Sportin' Waves

- Charles Miner as a villain

- A Quiet Place

- British Sesame Street

- New season of American Horror Story

- Independent beer

- Introducing the BYOCB Beer Locator

- Intern's birthday present

- Southwest bans peanuts

- Actual eggless options

- Mascot beatdown

- Fast food eBay

- Brown Bag Karaoke

- Voicemails and harmonica

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