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Jun 5, 2018

LIVE FROM THE BACK PORCH OF CASA DE FAST FOOD JESUS. Whats ups SHEEPLE?! Nah, just kidding we love you all. On this episode the Intern and Alex take the wheel and are greeted by arguably the most pure person to ever sit in on our show, the
one and only beautiful Cat, aka Mrs. FFJ. On this episode we discuss:

-Info for the 3 year throwdown at Tuffy’s
-Summertime sadness (time for OCSC to suck)
-Favorite Summers
-Cats racist karaoke
-Interns daytona drink fest AKA Slammin Salmon
-Perching Dat Cow
-Dutch cows lay eggs
-TV Shows
-World Cup
-MF DOOM is the greatest MC
-Sunday funday with KC WOLF
-Drunk brunch at mellow mushroom
-Interns News
-Dont lava dat mallow boy
-Lava Boy
-Bach confuses sharks
-Too many Big Macs

Thanks again for the support and we will see you at the three year.

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