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May 27, 2018

It was a fantastic tailgate filled with crawfish and a brand new BYOCB episode.  Unfortunately, Orlando City didn't pick up a win, but we still had a great time on this episode where we brought in a lot of our friends including Tailgate Mike, T-Rock, Joe Cool, who saved the show, and Nick Saban.  Catch up on all of our latest adventures and be sure to join us for the BYOCB Three-Year Anniversary at Tuffy's Bottle Shop & Lounge in Sanford.  On this show, we discuss

- Intern went to Ohio and really has a girlfriend

- Cedar Point roller coasters

- Red light cameras

- Alex's oddly colored beer and 7-11

- Living in downtown Orlando

- 21st birthday memories

- Cosby wasn't invited to the three-year party

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

- Every Freddy Prinze, Jr. movie

- Intern and Fisher meeting

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Big thanks to our BYOCB sponsors - Lauren Tewson Photography and Swan Brewing.  Check out our new sponsor, which we call heaven at Tuffy's Bottle Shop & Lounge.

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