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Dec 14, 2017

Back at Beer Rev, we're joined by Logic Man, The Intern, and get this....our intern brought HIS intern!  We had a blast on this one talking about the Intern's pubes, eating roaches, and holiday parties. On this episode, we discuss

- Pube length and shaving

- Duck sauce

- Alex's Central Florida December podcast tour

- Fisher loves a big Peter

- Netflix/Stranger Things/The Punisher

- Subscription services

- Alex bruised his dick

- Intern's Fear Factor

- Holiday parties

- Not the Macho Man

- Spotify year in review

- Glorious squatty potty

- The Iron Sheik

Big thanks to our new friends at Mason Danger Beard Co. who hooked us up with some AWESOME beard products!  Thanks as always to Beer Rev!

Big thanks to our BYOCB sponsors - Lauren Tewson Photography and Swan Brewing.

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