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Nov 26, 2019

Fisher, Alex, and The Intern hanging out at our wonderful sponsor Tuffy's Bottle Shop & Lounge before the Bad at Business Beerfest. Our good buddy and Airbnb host Cabana Sour also joined us. Prep for your Thanksgiving with BYOCB. Enjoy!

- Fred Rogers 

- Fast Food Jesus weighs in on Popeye's

- Condiment Mixer

- Generic...

Nov 21, 2019

Fisher, The Intern, and Garrick gathered for this one and it went off the rails pretty quickly. Highlights include tasting lube and shower habits. Just when I thought our show could not be any more ridiculous. Enjoy!

- What makes a top 10 list?

- Women's restrooms

- Dido's dildo

- Intern hosts Disney+ trivia

- Blowing...

Nov 14, 2019

Fisher and the Intern had a great time catching up on this one. Intern is NOT happy that people are already jumping right to Christmas after Halloween and he and Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby agree, even if they don't agree on cranberry sauce. Enjoy!

- Details about the BYOCB Club Holiday Party

- It's 69 in Florida


Nov 6, 2019

The entire gang of Fisher, Alex, The Intern on this one because Alex brought his baby. We also welcome our buddy Freddy and sandwich eating competitor Chris jumped on with us as we celebrated the Second Bad As's Sandwiches Sandwich Eating Competition. We had a great time out at Bad As's Sandwiches as we always do. Be...

Nov 1, 2019

Fisher sits down with Doug and Kreis of our 2019 brewery sponsor, Tactical Brewing Co. Check out this episode as Fisher talks to the guys on how they got started in the beer industry, where they grew up, and a decent amount of Post Malone. We discuss the current beer industry trends and what it's like operating...