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Mar 26, 2019

Fisher, Alex, and The Intern debut the brand new BYOCB intro song courtesy of the very talented Pariah Mike from We drank some beers on a Sunday at Beer Rev  and talk gender reveals, buffets, big beer lawsuits, poo poo screens and fleshlight upgrades. On this show, we discuss

- Orlando City wins


Mar 19, 2019

Fisher and The Intern announce our new sponsor for 2019 live from Beer Rev.  We talk beer trends and intellectual property theft, plus lots of podcast discussion and public intoxication stories. On this show, we discuss

- Montreal poutine

- Fisher's daughters are torturing him

- Donkeys and Gordon Ramsay

- Welcome Beer...

Mar 12, 2019

Something different on this BYOCB, and it's a bonus from Fisher talking about where his passion and love of craft beer and its community come from.  Fisher tells you specific examples of how big beer is trying to illegally and corruptly keep craft beer out of your hands.  Fisher also addresses how folks interpret what...

Mar 7, 2019

Fast Food Jesus and The Intern lead the way on this latest episdoe celebrating Mardi Gras by getting tacos. Check out Alex and The Intern catching up on each others lives and talking anything from  Russian tigers to female orgasms. Ya its cool we go off the rails a
bit no big deal. On this show, we discuss

- Intern quit...