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Feb 23, 2017

From our February sponsor, Rogue Pub, we get together with our Fast Food reporter and host of her new podcast, Samantics, Samantha, and our good friend Paul AKA Smooth Nipples.  We threw darts and drank a lot of craft beer.  Thanks to all of our friends who came out for this taping.  On this show, we discuss

- Oreo...

Feb 18, 2017

In this special BYOCB bonus episode, we sat down with Punk N. Drublic and Phelony Phatbottom of the Tampa Roller Derby at Southern Brewing and Winemaking.  We enjoy bringing you unique content about people who do interesting things.  Outside of our standard BYOCB shows, this is the type of content we love to bring to...

Feb 8, 2017

Alex and Chris are both not drinking much and losing weight.  Well, Alex is losing weight.  We've got a lot of special event recordings this month, but before that, here is Show 68.  Eat your pineapple, ladies.  On this show, we discuss

- Alex is dropping weight

- Voicemails

- Tervis versus Yeti

- 1980s hair metal


Feb 1, 2017

On this show, we join our friends from Steezy's Trap House before their one-year anniversary at Lazy Moon on E. Colonial Drive in Orlando.  Joining us for this episode is Alex's dad T-Rock and Alex's drunk friends.  At the midpoint of the show, we are invaded by Corndog and Clarence Beeks of Steezy's Trap House (the...