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Jan 27, 2017

What a great way to jump off....your day with the latest BYOCB episode. We're very excited to announce that Rogue Pub is our sponsor for February.  Please show them the love and use the hashtag #BYOCBGoesRogue We've got a jam-packed show and we definitely jump around.  Alex is transforming his body and dropping weight...

Jan 19, 2017

We were so glad to be back at Beer Rev.  We were so glad that we recorded an extra long episode.  It's our favorite place to record and as you will hear, it's the "Blockbuster" of beer.  On this show, we discuss

- Intern Brandon messes up the crying poll of Facebook

- Doctor tells Alex to keep drinking

- Protein and...

Jan 13, 2017

We're at Grove Roots Brewing Company in Winter Haven enjoying their delicious craft beer and great environment for a show where Intern Brandon sits in.  On this show, we discuss

- Quitting beer versus losing weight

- New Year's Eve video game marathons

- Boner medication

- Fisher's Lucky jeans and the zipper issue


Jan 6, 2017

Staph infections, ear infections, and tick infestations won't stop us from recording for you and putting out content.  On this episode we discuss

- Chris surviving the cold weather as he's down with the sickness

- Alex's theory that Han Solo < Indiana Jones

- Alex's house being invaded by ticks

- Daryl Hall's...