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Jun 30, 2016

From Sportstown Billiards in the Milk District, we were very excited to have our friends from Orlando's Sexiest Podcast, Steezy's Trap House join us for this episode.  It was one of the most fun shows we've ever recorded.  Make sure you give Steezy's Trap House some love.  On this episode, we discuss

- Halo Hula Hoops


Jun 24, 2016

We recorded in our most eclectic environment ever (from a trailer) at 801 E. Main/The Poor Porker as this show goes off the rails pretty early.  Vote for us for best podcast in Orlando Weekly. On this episode, we discuss.  

- Chris' military diet is working

- What happened to Burger King?

- Alex is the Porn King and got...

Jun 16, 2016

Our one-year anniversary party was a giant success.  Thanks so much to everyone who made it out and to everyone who helped us out with the raffle prizes, beer, and hosting the event.  Vote for us for best podcast in Orlando Weekly. On this episode, we discuss.  

- Proper amount of milk pouring in your cereal

- Orlando...

Jun 10, 2016

In this bonus episode, Chris sits down with Cory Kreig from his favorite band of all time, Flickerstick.  They discuss how the band got started and then dive into the band’s time on VH1’s Bands on the Run show.  Cory talks about what it was like to be on a “reality” show and how the direction of the show had...

Jun 8, 2016

Being in separate states while "real life" destroys our lives won't keep us from dropping a new show for you.  Get all the details on our BYOCB One Year Not so Sober Anniversary Party, plus all of things that has been going on in our lives.  On this show, we discuss

- Fisher's fissures

- Details for our One-Year Not so...