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Jun 22, 2017

From the World of Beer in Orlando, Florida, Fisher and Alex are joined by T-Rock and Samantha of Samantics.  We were so happy that the Corbitts came and hung out with us.  We have a lot of behind the scenes stories to tell as we go #BehindTheAntics. On this show we discuss

- Riding in the front seat of a Lyft/Uber

- New sponsor - Main Street Art Corner

- The ONRS Perfect Game

- We go #BehindTheAntics

- Tailgating with Zima

- That Intern head

- McDonald's Pizza

- Wendy's Superbar

- #SpiceMyMorning

- ABC's Boy Band

- Voicemails

- Tampa Bay Roller Derby


- Race to New York 2017. A-Lana Paloosa

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