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Apr 19, 2017

While Alex had a zombie bite his eye and Fisher is sick from funktified beef, we give you the latest BYOCB.  We're every excited about our upcoming Central 21 craft beer and cornhole event.  On this episode, we discuss

- Alex's excitement for his Disney cruise

- How did Alex's eye get infected?

- Fisher spends his Easter purging

- Vinyl shopping with Fisher

- Is society's attraction to vinyl and previous technology just a trend?

- The evolution of Mist Twst

- Fast Food Jesus news

- Ranking cheap pizza joints

- Nerd Dad Fisher reads current music lyrics

- Backstreet Boys documentary on Netflix

- BYOCB Two-year Anniversary event

- Listener support and interaction = we have rad listeners

Check out our April sponsor, Central 28 Brewing Company in Debary, Florida.  We love hanging out there to throw cornhole and drink their delicious craft beer.  Find Central 28 beers in your local craft beer establishments.  When you go, tell them you heard about their beer from BYOCB. #craftbeer

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