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Apr 5, 2017

It's Wrestlemania weekend in Orlando, and before we all went to the event, we got together for Sunday brunch at Johnny's Other Side to bring you another episode of your number one masturbation podcast, BYOCB.  On this show, we discuss

- Central 28 Brewing Company as our new April sponsor

- Songs about masturbation

- Xenophobia

- WWE invades Orlando

- Fisher hangs with Steezy and gets an armless Uber

- Walking the dog with Alex

- Orlando City invades the Rowdies

- What's in Fisher's trunk?

- Stamos and Kokomo

- Fisher wants to start a vinyl collection

- Celebrities we can't stand

- F, Marry, Kill with the Kardashians

- Punk concert etiquette

- Fast Food Jesus decides the winner of his Fast Food mashup creation challenge

- Alex's weight loss

- Gym memberships

Check out our April sponsor, Central 28 Brewing Company in Debary, Florida.  We love hanging out there to throw cornhole and drink their delicious craft beer.  Find Central 28 beers in your local craft beer establishments.  When you go, tell them you heard about their beer from BYOCB. #craftbeer

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