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Mar 16, 2017

The boys are back together at Johnny's Other Side for some brunch, beer, and BYOCB.  Fisher and the intern are still recovering from the cruise and Alex and Logic Man are still recovering from the Orlando City home opener.  This is what we do on BYOCB.  On this show, we discuss

- Daylight Savings Time

- Orlando City home opener

- Drinking Clamato

- Fisher and the Intern recap the last two nights of the cruise

- Casino games and fairy slots

- Voicemails

- Logic Man in the Bahamas

- Orlando traffic and road rage

- Zuckerberg handjibbers

- Ramen is bad for you

- New BYOCB Fast Food challenge

Check out our March sponsor, Lakeland's Beer Revolution.  We recorded the majority of our shows there and we absolutely love it.  Grab over 500 craft beers and ciders with ten rotating taps of the finest #craftbeer.

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