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Feb 8, 2017

Alex and Chris are both not drinking much and losing weight.  Well, Alex is losing weight.  We've got a lot of special event recordings this month, but before that, here is Show 68.  Eat your pineapple, ladies.  On this show, we discuss

- Alex is dropping weight

- Voicemails

- Tervis versus Yeti

- 1980s hair metal

- Popeye's and KFC's new offering

- Pineapple on a pizza

- Vitamin C jizz

- Tom Brady cockblocker

- Rooting for rivals

- Stranger Things 2

- Lakeland Brewer's Guild Event

- I like orange juice

- Logic Man's birthday

- Chris visits Alabama Joe and destroys cornholes

- Uber Pop Pop

- Spilling your beer

- Tom DeLonge's Strange Times

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