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Feb 1, 2017

On this show, we join our friends from Steezy's Trap House before their one-year anniversary at Lazy Moon on E. Colonial Drive in Orlando.  Joining us for this episode is Alex's dad T-Rock and Alex's drunk friends.  At the midpoint of the show, we are invaded by Corndog and Clarence Beeks of Steezy's Trap House (the sexiest podcast in Central Florida).  A better description of this show may be "the time where Alex's friends got drunk off of PBR and we had to cut their mics".  On this show, we discuss

- No one cares about the Pro Bowl

- Orlando Rage and the Fro Patrol

- Year of the Cock

- Real man shows Chris his gunshot wounds

- Shopping at Walmart

- Famous Canadians

- You Can't Do That on Television

- Golden Girls Magazine

- Mean Mommy

- Adapting with technology

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