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Nov 30, 2016

It's our first show since Alex lost his soul at the Bad at Business Beerfest.  We recap our Thanksgiving, preview our Christmas and discuss

- What happened to Alex after the beerfest

- The magic cookie

- Thanksgiving gatherings and food

- Chi town versus Chai tea

- Fisher messed up and we lost half of the show

- Holiday beers

- Shopping at Jimmy Jamz

- Ronnie the limo driver poetry

- Corey Feldman put a ring on it

- Aretha Franklin singing the national anthem

- Christmas trees

- Fast Food Jesus weighs in on debate and the Taco Bell Cheetos quesadilla

- Male opera singing

If you made it this far in the show notes, I admit that I really screwed up the audio recording for this show.  Sorry.  I'll be better next time.

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