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Sep 18, 2016

After a long night at Halloween Horror Nights, we sleep in a bit and record a show from Alex's palace of Jumanji before Chris has to leave for his haircut.  We talk about the night we had at HHN plus take your voicemails.  On this episode, we discuss

- Our BYOCB HHN meetup

- Boxers or briefs?

- No food options at 1 AM in Citywalk

- Chris parked in Alex's garage and wasn't supposed to

- Voicemails

- Bluetooth speaker at a bar

- Jukeboxes

We hope that we can be a show that hopefully takes you away from "real life" for even 60 minutes of your day.  There is too much awful in this world right now and we hope we can be just a short escape for you.  Be cool to each other.

We drink. We laugh. We drink. Follow the show on Twitter @BYOCBShow check out  Subscribe and rate the show on iTunes.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram @BYOCBShow.