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Aug 11, 2016

The band is back together again at Lakeland's Beer Revolution and we get as close to an old school episode as we have in a while.  We try Crystal Pepsi again live on the show and talk food/drink that are no longer available but should be brought back.  On this episode, we discuss

- Alex is back, even though he really wasn't gone that long

- The new Fisher

- BYOCB is now on Snapchat

- Alex almost died after show 45

- Alex's wildlife excursions

- Noseeums/sand flies

- Chris plays Pokemon Go everyday

- Alex sings the hits

- Sum 41 fall tour

- Alex is going to take Chris to a punk show

- BYOCP - Crystal Pepsi taste test

- Novelty/nostalgic food and drink

- Broken Matt Hardy

- What is happening to fast food?

- Happy birthday Shannon!

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