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Aug 4, 2016

We welcome back our friends from Steezy's Trap House as Steezy, Corndog, and B-Rock join the show as we discuss an ATM story, plus a recap of the Guns n' Roses Orlando show.  On this show we discuss

- Vote for us for Best Local Podcast

- Missing Alex

- ATM story

- The movie Face Off

- Chick Fil A indeed got rid of the spicy chicken breakfast option

- Trying to change yourself in a good way

- Snapchat

- Facebook/social media etiquette

- Political Facebook wasteland

- Guns n' Roses Orlando show recap

- Concert etiquette

Big thanks to the cast of Steezy's Trap House for the hospitality and joining this episode to help fill in the co-host seats.  Please show them some love and support what they do.

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