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Jan 22, 2016

The building was on fire....FIRE! From Lakeland's Beer Revolution (@lakelandbeerrev), we welcome back Alex and our buddy Brian from Alhena Apparel joined us. We test drove a new segment called BYOCB misheard song lyrics and we think it went pretty well.  On this show, we discussed

- Where oh where has Alex been?

- Alex made a few big announcements

- First official/non-official BYOCB meetup at Big Daddy's on January 30th plus EPCOT

- Our upcoming event with Brian Sutherland

- How awesome it is to hang out at Lakeland's Beer Revolution

- Our t-shirt fundraiser

- Happy birthday Swervey Jones

- Jack Johnson making banana pancakes

- What level of friendship do you reach when you help someone move?

- The bro space between you at movie theaters and how uncomfortable log flumes make straight men

- Misheard song lyrics

- Fuller House and all of the great shows are returning soon

- Viral youtube videos

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