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Dec 4, 2015

We're back together again at Lakeland's Beer Revolution and Adam was so excited to be back...not Jessie Spano excited, but still excited.  It's show 21 so we're finally legal.  On this show, we discuss

- The debut of JT Money's BYOCB Blink 182 parody

- We want more parody songs

- Change in our January meetup plans

- Our Thanksgiving meals

- Adam killed a frog

- We want free merch and we'll advertise your beer and my apologies to Stable 12 brewing for calling them Stable 21 on the show

- Common courtesy on airplanes

- Alex got peed on by an old man

- Samantha called us and told us why she's on the TSA Blacklist

- Black Friday or is it Thursday

- Adam is now an XBOX One owner despite Target trying to deny him a bargain

- 25th anniversary of Home Alone

- John Williams has composed every important song in movie history

- Macaulay Culkin's movie career

- Favorite Christmas movies and songs

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