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Jul 24, 2019

We recorded this one from Beer Rev, and it is the last for a short time that will include all of Fisher, Alex, and The Intern, as Alex prepares to become a father, plus The Intern has been booked to work for every Halloween adventure across the Sunshine State. Big thanks to our buddies Garrick and Handsome Metal Mike for joining us on this one. On this show, we discuss

- Happy Birthday Intern!

- HHN auditions

- Baby cuckold

- Intern spends his birthday meeting couples at Universal

- Garrick goes camping

- Intern's Joyride adventures

- Garrick brews a beer for a BYOCB4 winner

- Fisher rides 100 on the Peloton

- Who does the errands at your house?

- Top Gun 2

Big thanks to Idol Records for allowing us to play the track "Hole in My Heart" by the band "Secrecies".

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