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Jan 8, 2019

Hey friends, we're back with Show 140 with Fisher, Alex, Sir Ernest Hemingay and then our buddy Handsome Metal Mike stops by.  Big thanks to Beer Rev for always being a great host when we stop by to record.  Happy New Year to you all.  We had a blast on this one!  On this show, we discuss

- Fisher is a Bingo caller

- Being "Alex drunk"

- Caulk

- Fisher finally watched Avengers Infinity War

- Binging the next Punisher or other shows

- The Masked Singer and Love after Lockup

- Alex doesn't like Sandra Bullock

- When Gordon Ramsey yells, Fisher smiles

- The Bird Box phenomenon

- The correlation between Orlando City and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

- BYOCB Karaoke Event at Big Daddy's with DJ Di

- Alive with Clive

- Ernest Hemingay News

- Flintstone Push Pops

- Retail laziness stories

- Grocery home delivery services

- Drinking traditional mainstream beers

- Night Mimosas

- Drunk voicemails

- Kids don't know who Sarah McLachlan is

- Wendy's roasts people via Twitter

- Cell phone upgrades

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