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Nov 14, 2018

On this show we discuss

What's up my punk rock mother f'ers?! No one reads these but Fisher and I do them anyway because we love you. This week as we prepare for the first annual BYOCB Cabana Crawl, it's a late night at Casa De Fast Food Jesus. Alex sits down with Logic Man and Vegeta and give you a glimpse of what a normal hang out night would be for us....and...we slowly get more and more drunk as the night goes on. On this show we talk about:

- Friends don’t listen to the show
- Beers to laugh ratio
- BYOCB Cabana Crawl and BABBF
- Vegeta loves Rocket Man
- The Champion is in the house
- Soft tips
- The Different World of Dart Tournaments
- Tailgate the tourney
- Don't Drink and Drive Dubstep
- Stan Lee is dead
- The Gates of hell aka Chit Chats
- Weird Days
- Full Frontal Nerdity
- Wolves Up
- SeaWolves
- Tom Traxler is Legend
- Going to the rodeo
- Sea World Beer Fest
- Alex blew Vegeta off
- Dilly Dogs

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