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Aug 15, 2018

From the Sunshine State Summerfest at the World of Beer in Downtown Orlando comes your latest episode of BYOCB.  Fisher, Alex, Vegeta, and Logic Man are on this one, along with some of the friendly staff from WOB, Cabana Freddy, and our buddy Brian who talks about beer distributing in the state of Florida.  Lots of fun on this one as the entire place was decked out in Cabana wear.  Enjoy!  On this episode, we discuss

- Poo poo on Post Malone

- Vegeta's taste in music

- Freddy's cabana wear choices

- Fisher finally delivers the wedding present

- Video game streaming

- Doing what your significant other enjoys

- Recap of the Tacky Tourist contest

- Movies that made you cry

- Clone a pu**y

- Beer talk with Brian

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