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Feb 20, 2018

From Vanbarry's Public House in Orlando, we had a bunch of friends join us on this episode before we checked out some Melodic Dissent.  Our good friends Vegeta, Mr. Tervis, and Samantha from Samantics gathered around the fire pit to basically make fun of Fisher the ENTIRE episode. On this episode, we discuss

- Orlando Indie Comedy Fest

- Valentine's Day recap

- Sous Vide that meat

- Lingerie Night at wing restaurants

- The great Tervis vs Yeti debate

- Congratulations to the Vanbarry's!

- Fisher's movie watching

- The Hunt for Poutine

- Jack Astor's

- Loonie and Toonie

- Curling

- Naughty Garrett and Creepy Cosby continue their feud

- Apple glass building disasters

- Disneyland gangs

- Not denying a dance partner

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